Semi-nude girls in Kampala set birthday party on fire!!

Last week on Wednesday was no ordinary day at Club Rouge.The club was filled to capacity. The dress code was strictly adhered to and these who did not match up to the night (save for the ladies in nothing but panties) were blocked by the bouncers who were dressed in Black suit courtesy of Black Gal.

Drinks and food were on the house and local artistes entertained the crowd. So if you are a party animal you can imagine then probably every thing else including the ladies were on the house bill.

The birthday girl, Black, arrived in a black limousine labelled ‘Black Girl’, dressed in a brief and shinny black number and cut her cake before entering the hall that had been decorated with Black Gal customized balloons.

It was said that Black spent over kshs 15million on drinks, eats, venue and payment of entertainers who included Bebe Cool and Zuena, Jose Chameleone, Jackie Chandiru, Coco Finger and Rabadaba.

By 6 am, when the party came to an end, beer was still flowing in plenty. So anyone thirsty?